LMC * LMC Lab Calendars

Simply click on the link below that corresponds with the area you'd like to reserve. You'll be taken to the Appointment page on the Google Site where you'll see available appointment slots in gray. When scheduling a reservation, please include the following in the details section of the appointment:

1.  Your Name

2.  Number of Students

If you need to cancel a reservation, please be sure to select  NOTIFY ALL GUESTS .  This will take it off the calendar and allow other teachers to reserve the space.

Reservation Links for 2017-18

Lab 1 (33) PC computers includes teacher workstation and 2 Chromebooks) 17-18

Lab 2 (33) PC computers includes teacher workstation and 2 Chromebooks) 17-18

LMC Mac Lab (33) Mac computers includes teacher workstation 17-18

LMC Open Tables in Center of Library and 1 SMART Board 17-18

LMC Swivl Robot Platform on tripod 17-18

Recording Studio 808D 17-18  Please see Christine Pumilia or appropriate building staff at least 24 hours before you intend to use the recording studio.  We will help be sure you are trained on and have access to the required equipment.  Staff members are required to be present in the recording studio at all times.  Please also leave the studio as you found it.   

Directions to add calendars to your Google Calendar: The easiest way to see the labs is to COPY the link. GO to Google Calendar and PASTE the link into the "add a coworker's calendar" area. Hit ENTER, and the lab should show up.  To show/hide the lab, click on the colored box in front of the lab name. To change the color of the lab in your own Google Calendar (each person must set their own colors!), hover over the lab name.  A small triangle will appear to the right of the lab name. If you click on it, you will see all of your color options. 

If this is confusing, please ask Library Staff and they can help you.