LMC * Policies

Student Policies

What do I need/when?

From Study Hall From Class Check out books, etc. Password From Lunch
Student ID X X X X
Pass X X (school day) X (school day) X (blue one)
Other Sign out of study hall right away, sign in to LMC must check out pass before going to lunch

Total # of items Checked Out = 5 items

Books Books on CD/Playaways eBooks Movies CDs Magazines Student Equipment
Lit Circle Bks
Length 2 weeks
2 weeks 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 day (unless LMC staff says differently)
3 weeks
Overdue Fine .05/day .05/day n/a - check out with your computer login
.50/day .50/day .50/day $5/day
How many 5 2 2 2 2 2 1
Call # Prefix FIC/numbers AUDIO same as books VIDEO/DVD CD MAG EQUIP

Checkout Information - after $10 in fines students may not check out items 

Batteries - Students are responsible for supplying their own batteries for equipment & playaways. 

Earbuds - Students are responsible for supplying their own earbuds for playaways. You can buy an earbud set for $2 at the Circ Desk.

Burnable DVDs/CDs - Students are responsible for supplying their own DVDs/CDs. You can buy a DVD or CD at the Circ Desk for $1 for class projects.

Copying - You may use the copy machines to copy a few pages out of a book for research. See LMC staff.

Printing - You may use our printers for school assignments.

Hats/Food - the LMC is a hat/food free zone

Computer/Technology - All School District of Janesville technology is to be used responsibly, efficiently, ethically, and legally.  Student access to the computer technology will be provided to students who have agreed to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Internet and Technology Safety Policy for Students

Staff Policies

Sending Students to LMC without a Teacher Procedure (including Advisory)
- up to 3 students per teacher per hour
- all students must have a legible pass written with: Teacher’s name, date, time, Student’s name
- students sign in on the Sign In sheet and put the pass in the basket
- students without passes will be returned to teachers

Laminating - Laminating occurs every Thursday morning. Items must be turned in with the slip filled out and attached to the item/s. The following cannot be laminated as it will damage the machine: staples, glitter and 3D items (like leaves). Crayon may become smeared and dark blue/black paper may become discolored.  Mass consumables (like student projects that are sent home) will not be laminated unless your department pays for the lamination.

Student Image/Video Projects -  You must first talk with Mrs. Pumilia about the project. Students will not be allowed to check out equipment if a staff member has not first contacted Mrs. Pumilia.

Burning DVDs - The LMC Staff will provide 1 DVD for a school event (i.e. concert). You are responsible for providing additional DVDs for making copies. Make sure that copying is allowed according to U.S. Copyright Law. For student projects, you can either buy the DVDs for students or have them purchase them for $1 from LMC Staff. Uploading Alternative: Talk to Mrs. Pumilia about uploading video projects to the Internet instead of burning DVDs.