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Athletic Registration

There are three steps necessary to register for a sport

1.  A current sport physical, signed and dated by the doctor, must be on file in the Athletic Office.
2.  Parents/Guardians must register their student for a sport using the online athletic registration program. (see below)
3.  Students must complete the student portion of the athletic registration program once their parent/guardian has completed their part.

*Students must use their Infinite Campus username and password when logging into the Athletics Website.

Click on the link to the Athletics Website located in the green box below.

Online High School Athletic Registration

New Login Method:

Parents and students can now directly log into the Athletics Website, without going to the Infinite Campus Portal first.


For Parents or Guardians:

The parent or guardian must start the registration process before students will be allowed to register.

For Students:

Once your parent or Guardian has logged in and completed the Athletics Registration process, log into the Athletics Website and finish registration.

Co-Curricular Code and Forms

First page of the PDF file: 19-20_CoCurricular_Code_1
First page of the PDF file: 19-20_Code_-_Spanish_1
First page of the PDF file: 2019-20_WIAA_AEIB_-_Online
First page of the PDF file: WIAAPre-participationPhysicalEvaluation
First page of the PDF file: WIAA-Evaluacionfisicapreviaalaparticipacion
First page of the PDF file: Concussions-FactsForAthletes
First page of the PDF file: Concussions-FactsForParents
First page of the PDF file: Concusions-hechosparaelatleta
First page of the PDF file: Concusins-hechosparapadres