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Craig High School - Things You Need to Know

Craig High School - Things You Need to Know


Dr. Alison Bjoin, PRINCIPAL
401 S. Randall Ave
Janesville, WI 53545

School Nickname: Craig Cougars

Main Office Telephone Number 608-743-5200
Attendance Office Telephone Number 608-743-5230
Guidance Office Telephone Number 608-743-5251
Assistant Principals’ Office Telephone Number 608-743-5262
Athletic Office Telephone Number 608-743-5266
Registrar’s Office Telephone Number 608-743-5252

Printable Version of Craig's Handbook


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Things You Need to Know Section
Daily Schedule 1
District Calendar  2
Student Pick-up / Drop-off 3
Academic Information 4
Schedule Changes 5
Scholarships 6
Study Halls 7
Attendance / Absence Reporting 8
Advisory / Homeroom 9
Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities 10
Accident and Illness 11
Appearance / Bus Conduct / Delayed Opening of School 12
Discipline 13
Emergency Drills/ Guidance & Counseling / Homework Assistance / Lost and Found 14
Non-Permitted Items and Behaviors / School Dances 15
Physical Education 16
Student Illness/Injury/Medication/ Substitute Teachers 17
Visitors/ Chaperones 18



Students May Enter the Building 7:30 am
Instruction Begins; Students are in class 8:00 am
School is Dismissed 3:28 pm

The instructional day for children in grades 9-12 is from 8:00am – 3:28pm with a 30-minute LUNCH/Break time.


2019-2020 School Year Calendar

Event Date Day of the Week
Labor Day - No School September 2 Monday  
Student First Day of School  September 3 Tuesday
Parent/Teacher Conferences (After school)  October 23 Wednesday, 4:00 - 8:00 PM 
Parent/Teacher Conferences October 24 Thursday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Teacher Non-Work Day - No school October 25 Friday
Middle/High Only - End of Quarter October 31 Thursday
Middle/High Only - No School For MS/HS Teacher Work Day  November 1 Friday
Elementary Only - End of 1st Trimester November 21 Thursday
Elementary Only - No School For Elem. - Teacher Work Day     November 22 Friday
Thanksgiving Break - No School November 28-29 Thursday/Friday
Winter Break - No School December 23  Monday
School Resumes January 2, 2020 Thursday   
Middle/High Only - End of Semester January 16 Thursday
Middle/High Only - No School for MS/HS Teacher Work Day  January 17 Friday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School January 20 Monday
Elementary Only - End of 2nd Trimester February 20  Thursday
Elementary Only - No School For Elem. - Teacher Work Day   February 21 Friday
Parent/Teacher Conferences (After school)  March 4 Wednesday, 4:00 - 8:00 PM  
Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School  March 5      Thursday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
No School - Teacher Non-Work Day March 6  Friday 
Spring Break Begins - No School March 23 Monday
School Resumes March 30 Monday
Middle/High Only - End of Quarter April 2 Thursday
Middle/High Only - No School For MS/HS -Teacher Work Day  April 3 Friday
Good Friday - No School  April 10 Friday 
Teacher Work Day - Snow Reserve Day - No School Unless Needed  May 22 Friday 
Memorial Day - No School May 25 Monday
Last Day of school (Students and Staff) June 5 Friday
Snow Reserve Day: Two inclement weather days for students are built into the district calendar. If school is closed for inclement weather more than two days in the school year, the third and beyond inclement weather days will be made up on the closest Snow Reserve Day after the inclement weather day that is not already being used for make-up time. If one or more of these days are not needed to be used to make-up time they will be days off for students.


Student Pick-Up/Drop Off / Dismissal

Parents MAY NOT drive through the faculty parking lot drop off or pick up children.  Please drive slowly and have students cross at the designated street crosswalks only. Student safety is our main concern. 

We do ask all drivers to observe the following guidelines.

  • When ever students are present, the maximum speed limit on school grounds is 5 Miles Per Hour.
  • Do carpool - this will help reduce the quantity of cars in the front and rear of the School.
  • Have your children cross the street only at the crosswalks.
  • Do stop at the crosswalk to allow students waiting to cross the street. 
  • Do not make U-turns or turn around in someone's driveway in the block in front of school.
  • Do not go into oncoming lane of traffic to get around a car in front of the school
  • Do not park on the crosswalk at any time.

Dropping Off Children

  • Do drop off all children in a car at one spot rather than two or three different ones
  • Do keep the flow of traffic moving by pulling up as far as you can to drop off students
  • Do not park between the bus/van signs. These are for handicapped students

All Janesville residents are required by law to follow these and other Janesville City Ordinances:

  • 6.04.110 Pets are prohibited on leash or not
  • 10.32.030 Obedience to crossing guards - violation with penalty
  • 10.36.010 Prohibited acts: It is unlawful to block hinder or retard any street traffic, whether it is vehicular or otherwise including by receiving or discharging passengers from a vehicle in a lane designated for the movement of traffic.
  • 10.40.025 No parking, stopping or standing contrary to official traffic or parking sign or marker - No Exceptions.
  • 10.40.140 Vehicle left with motor running is prohibited.


Our school now qualifies for free breakfast for all students under the Community Eligibility Provision. This means that all students will be able to participate in our breakfast at no cost.  We will be taking part in the "Breakfast After the Bell" program. This insures that every student is offered a breakfast after the school day begins. This will also replace the daily snack and milk break, so you no longer need to supply a snack or send money for snack milk. Due to these changes, we will no longer have a "Breakfast Club" before school.

The daily lunch menu is published in the Janesville Gazette, and sent home with each student.


Students enrolled in the School District of Janesville are expected to:

  1.  Attend school and scheduled classes on a daily basis unless ill or excused by school officials.
  2. Take advantage of all available resources and learning opportunities presented to them, and to develop and learn to the best of their abilities.
  3. Select courses with the purpose of achieving meaningful goals.
  4. Complete assigned work within the time designated.
  5. Challenge their intellect and not just work for grades.
  6. Give the best possible performance in all testing situations.
  7. Obey all rules, directives, and district policies, which are communicated either in writing or verbally.
  8. Participate in school-sponsored events and activities.
  9. Accept help from their classmates and be willing to help others when they can.
  10. Register complaints and concerns with those who have the most direct responsibility to address them.
  11. Students and parents should consult the Student Discipline Code of Conduct for further conduct guidelines. The Student Discipline Code of Conduct will have the same authority as the student rules outlined in student handbooks.


Academic Information


Students must earn 26.5 credits. A course that meets four days per week for one semester is awarded 0.5 of a credit. A STUDENT MUST CARRY SEVEN FULL-TIME COURSES. Each student must earn credits in the following required courses:

A STUDENT MUST CARRY SEVEN FULL-TIME COURSES. Each student must earn credits in the following required courses:

Curricular Area

Credits Required

English 4.0
Mathematics 3.0
Social Studies* 3.0



1.0 Physical 

1.0 Bio/Life

1.0 Additional Science credit

Physical Education 1.5
Freshman Seminar 0.5
Personal Finance 0.5

Additional Credit in:

English, Math, Science, Social Studies

Total Required Credits** 16.5
Total Elective Credits 10.0
Total Credits Required for Graduation 26.5

*One semester of Health is required for high school graduation. This may be earned by completing one semester in 7th or 8th grade or taken in high school.
**1.0 credit must be US History or AP American History
**Students must meet Civics Test requirements


Physical Science Bio/ Life Science
AP Chemistry Physics Chemistry Anatomy & Physiology Biology AP Biology Plant Science
Ap Physics Physical Science Pre-AP Chemistry Animal Science (ES) Forensic Science Genetics Principals of Biomedical Science
Earth Science Principles of Engineering Aerospace Engineering AP Environmental Science Microbiology Human Body Systems


  • A. The maximum number of credits which apply to rank point total can be no more than 8.0 per year.
  • B. Students may earn credit through summer school. No rank points will be awarded for these courses.
  • C. If a student would like to take an off-campus, correspondence, or study/travel programs, all credits must be pre-approved with a maximum allowance of 3.0 credits. More than 3.0 credits may be pre-approved as part of the Youth Options program, which allows high school students to take college/technical school courses for credit. See your counselor or Student Services Specialist for further information about this program. Pre-Approval for Credits Over 8 Courses.docx
  • D. Students taking courses over the summer through the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) or Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development (CTD) or an online source must follow a Pre-Approval Process. The organization offering the course provides verification of credit earned. Pre-approval forms are available from the Student Services Office and must be considered along with your registration with WCATY, CTD, or any other organization. These courses will not be included in scholarship tie breakers. Questions can be referred to Amy Sheridan, 743-5035. Pre-Approval for Credits Over Summer.docx


Students desiring early graduation from high school must complete all required courses and enough electives to equal or surpass the minimum number of credits required for graduation by the anticipated date of early graduation. Students must also have written approval of their parent or guardian and have completed a minimum of six semesters of high school work. Students must apply at least one semester before the planned date for early graduation. They must consult with their counselor or Student Services Specialist and principal prior to submitting an application. (Board Policy 6310.2)


Advanced Placement and Honors courses are available in all academic areas.
The School District of Janesville offers the Advanced Placement (AP) Program for students who want to be academically challenged. The AP Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between high schools and colleges which offers college credit for college -level courses taken while in high school when students receive a particular score on the AP exam.


  • Provides rigorous academic experience
  • Better prepares students for post-secondary course work
  • Increases competitive edge in gaining entrance into selective colleges  Potential to earn college credit or placement in advanced courses
  • Enhances academic preparation for college entrance exams (ACT/SAT)
  • Allows students to pursue academic/career interests in more depth






Grading System

Class Ranking / Rank Points / Grading System

Grade GPA Range
A 4.0 92-100
A- 3.7 90-91
B+ 3.3 88-89
B 3.0 82-87
B- 2.7 80-81
C+ 2.3 78-79
C 2.0 72-77
C- 1.7 70-71
D+ 1.3 68-69
D 1.0 62-67
D- 0.7 60-61
F 0 50-59


  • Rank points are earned each semester
  • Students will be ranked by total number points earned
  • A cumulative rank will be reported at the each semester
  • The rank to determine scholarships and recognition is determined at the end of semester of the senior year.


Honor Roll is determined at the end of each semester and is not the cumulative GPA.

3.0-3.49 Honors
3.5 - 3.74 High Honors
3.75 - 4.00 Academic Excellence




Students and their parents are asked to carefully and thoughtfully plan the student’s schedule each year. If students realistically consider their abilities, interests, and goals in choosing their courses, it should not be necessary to make schedule changes. Careful planning and good decision making will keep schedule changes to a minimum. Changes must be made within 2 weeks of start of semester. Beyond that they require administrator approval.

Reasons for a schedule change (during the first 2-weeks of a semester) include:

  1. Teacher/counselor/administrator recommendation for a change based on ability of student
  2. Ineligibility to take the course
  3. Schedule changes will not be made because of a job or athletics during either first or second semester.
  4. All students will be scheduled for periods one through eight.

Add Classes (or switch classes):

  1. These changes must take place during the first week of school. Since students have had ample time to select courses and make adjustments during the previous school year, changes can only be made during the first week and only if extremely necessary.
  2. These changes must include written permission of parent or counselor.
  3. The new/exchanged class can be added into a study hall or into a period in which a class was dropped. The schedule cannot be rearranged to add a class.

Important scheduling notes:

  1. Schedule changes will not be made because of a job or athletics during either first or second semester.
  2. All students will be scheduled for periods one through eight.
  4. The District cannot guarantee the availability of courses that are at the end of a sequence. Enrollment in end of sequence courses must meet district guidelines.
  5. Independent study classes are not available to Janesville high school students.

Course Drops:

  1. A student who drops a course in weeks 3 – 11 of a semester for a study hall will receive no grade recorded for that course. A student who drops a course after week 12 of a semester will receive a semester grade of “F” for that course.
  2. If the student is carrying more than 8.0 credits, they may drop one course for a study hall.

If you have questions regarding scheduling or your academic progress please contact your students’ school.

  • - Students attending Craig High School - call 743-5251 or visit the Craig High School website home page at:
  • - Students attending Parker High School - call 743-5651 or visit the Parker High School website home page at:

Remember: Students should pick a class based on their interest in the class not on their ability to pay for the course. If a student is not financially able to pay a fee or have the appropriate equipment for a class, please contact the student’s school counselor or administrator.



Academic Excellence

WISCONSIN ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP/TIE BREAKERS The State of Wisconsin awards an Academic Excellence Scholarship to each high school’s top students, if they attend a Wisconsin state public or private college, or a technical college. Craig and Parker High Schools determine the recipients of these scholarships based on cumulative grade point average (GPA) earned through the first semester of the senior year to comply with state statutes.

In the event of a GPA tie the following criteria will be used:

  1. Total number of AP courses
  2.  Total number of honors courses
  3. Composite ACT score
  4. If a fourth tie breaker is needed a random selection process, established by the District Administrator/Designee will be considered.

The Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship (TES)

Technical Excellence Scholarships (TES) are to be awarded by the State of Wisconsin to Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest demonstrated level of proficiency in technical education subjects. The new TES scholarship program is to begin awarding scholarships in the 2014-2015 academic year. The scholarships are only for use at a school within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) located within the state. The value of the scholarship is up to $2,250 per year, to be applied towards tuition. Students wishing to be considered for the TES need to met eligibility criteria set by the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) and will need to be nominated by their school. Interested students should pick up the Request for Consideration from their guidance office and return it to the guidance office at their respective schools no later than January 15, 2018.
More information can be found on HEAB’s website, at


Academic scholarships are presented annually to high school seniors who have achieved excellence in studies and co-curricular activities. These awards are generally given to provide opportunities for further education and total thousands of dollars. See a guidance counselor for applications and more information.


A faculty committee chooses members annually. Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership. Students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service. General guidelines and application dates will be announced.



All students must be in study hall when not scheduled into a regular class. No credit is earned. Students may schedule a maximum of one study hall each semester.



Attendance / Absence Reporting

State Statute 118.15 ( requires that all children of school age be in school during all days and hours that school is in session.  Students who must be out of school due to reasons of health or family emergency must return to school with a statement from parents, guardians, or physician to the attendance office.  Parents or guardians are expected to call the attendance office if their child is going to be out of school.  Students who skip a class or a school day or who exceed the 10 day/80 hours of parentally excused days are subject to disciplinary action.  Every time a student reaches the equivalent of 5 unexcused absences (40 hours), a referral to the school resource officer will be made and a truancy ticket (fine) will be issued.  Attendance records transfer with the student to any School District of Janesville middle school.

When a family knows in advance that a student will be missing school, the Attendance Office should be contacted to obtain a “Planned Absence Form.”  This form should be completed and returned to the Attendance Office prior to the absence.  Students are responsible for getting all assignments prior to pre-planned absences.

It is essential that parents or guardians notify the school if a student is going to be absent. The Attendance Office is staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. An answering machine is in operation from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. for parent notification convenience. Absence calls should be made by 11:00 a.m. the same day of each absence. An absence for which an acceptable telephone call or note has not been received by the school within 48 hours following the absence will be considered truant. The Attendance Office may be reached at 743-5230.

No student shall leave his/her building while school is in session without permission from parent/guardians the building administration.  During school hours, principals, or designee, shall release students only to parents, legal guardians, or person designated by the parent or legal guardian. When students need to leave the building with a pass from administration, they must check out of school at the Attendance Office when leaving and must check into the school upon returning.

Students 18 years of age and above must attend all assigned classes, study halls, advisory periods and assigned assemblies and must follow all school rules.


Advisory / Homeroom

Each student is assigned to an advisory/home room.  This is the student's "Home Base."  The advisory/homeroom teacher is the student's first contact for help and information sharing.  During this time, students will participate in academically, socially, and emotionally developmental activities.  Some of these activities include: getting acquainted with other students, receiving schedules and lockers, listening to guest speakers, participating in educational and fun assemblies, learning about self and others, signing up for next year’s classes, watching videos or films on teen issues, keeping lockers organized, attending awards presentations, and academic review.


Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities

Students may have the opportunity at each grade level to participate in before or after school activities:  athletics, music, school play, school newspaper, peer mediation, student council, and yearbook club.

Getting involved in co-curricular activities enhances student life in high school. The more a student is involved, the better he/she feels about self, school, and community. We encourage students to participate. Students should commit themselves to getting involved in at least one activity during the school year. These activities are organized and sponsored for the enjoyment and participation of the entire student body.

A code of conduct has been adopted by the Janesville Board of Education. All students interested in participating in a sport or other co-curricular activity must attend a co-curricular code meeting with their parent/guardian prior to participating in their first sport or activity. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the expectations of the code. The school will enforce the requirements of the co-curricular code twelve (12) months of the year.

Copies of the co-curricular code are available in the school assistant principal / athletic director office and can also be found on the school website. It is required that a signed co-curricular code card be on file for all students participating in extracurricular activities. A list of extracurricular offerings can be found on the school website.

All student athletes are required to meet the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association - WIAA eligibility requirements and those of the School District of Janesville.

Student athletes must have a current physical on file. A physical examination taken after April 1 is valid for the following TWO SCHOOL YEARS. Examinations taken before April 1 are valid for the remainder of that school year and the following school year. A WIAA Athletic Permit Card must be completed, stamped by the medical facility, and signed by the physician and parent/guardian. All students participating in athletics for the first time at their current school must submit a completed physical form. Students will submit an alternate year card the school year following the year of the completed physical form.

Students participating in athletes must be covered by medical insurance. If a student does not have medical coverage, insurance can be purchased through Student Assurance Services. Applications are available in the athletic office and the main office during regular business hours. “Red” insurance cards must be completed each year.

A signed HIPPA form agreeing to the release of medical information or denial of the release of medical information must be on file in the athletic office.
Athletes and parents must sign the Concussion Education Parent and Athlete Agreement and WIAA Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin annually prior to the first practice.


The School District of Janesville requires a fee for participation in high school co-curricular athletic activities.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to the School District of Janesville. Payments will be accepted during the school day with the building fee takers. Electronic payment is also available via the Infinite Campus link found on the district home page. Contact the athletic office for additional information.

Economically disadvantaged students may qualify for a waiver or reduction of fees if they meet the requirements for free or reduced lunch. Students meeting the requirements for free lunch qualify to receive a fee waiver. Students meeting the requirements for reduced lunch qualify to receive a reduced fee of 20% of the assigned fee. Parents must complete a Request for Waiver or Reduced Athletic Fee form to receive this benefit. Parents of students with special circumstances may also apply for a waiver or reduction of fees. The building athletic director will review the request and make a determination. Appeals of their decision are to be made to the Director of Administrative and Human Services. No student will be denied the opportunity to participate due to financial issues.


If a student is no longer able to participate in a sport due to circumstances beyond his or her control (specifically a season ending injury, a reduction in the team roster, or a move out of the district) he/she may request a refund. The decision regarding the amount of the refund will be determined by the building athletic director. No refund would be made if the student were dismissed from the team for academic or disciplinary reasons or if the student voluntarily quit the team.

Appeals of this decision should be submitted the Director of Administrative and Human Services.

Payment is due by the tenth day of practice. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the School District of Janesville. Payments may be made in the building athletic office.

Electronic payment is also available via the Infinite Campus link found on the district home page. Contact the athletic office for additional information.

Economically disadvantaged students may qualify for a waiver or reduction of fees if they meet the requirements for free or reduced lunch. Students meeting the requirements for free lunch will pay no fees. Students meeting the requirements for reduced lunch would pay 20% of the fee. Parents must complete a Request for Waiver Or Reduced Athletic Fee form to receive this benefit. Parents of students with special circumstances may also apply for a waiver or reduction of fees. The building athletic director will review the request and make a determination. Appeals of their decision are to be made to the Director of Administrative and Human Services. No student will be denied the opportunity to participate due to financial issues.


Following is the athletic participation fee schedule

Basketball - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Cheerleading $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Cross Country - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Gymnastics $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Pom Pons $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Soccer - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Swim - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Tennis - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Track - Boys & Girls $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Volleyball $75.00 $15.00 Waived
Wrestling $75.00 $15.00 Waived

The following sports carry a surcharge in addition to the participation fee



Sport Participation Fee Surcharge Total Fee Reduced Participation Fee Total Reduced Free Lunch
Baseball $75.00 $23.00 $98.00 $15.00 $4.60 Waived
Golf - Boys & Girls $75.00 $150.00 $225.00 $15.00 $30.00 Waived
Football $75.00 $65.00 $140.00 $15.00 $13.00 Waived
Hockey - Boys & Girls $75.00 $600.00 $675.00 $15.00 $120.00 Waived
Softball $75.00 $23.00 $98.00 $15.00 $4.60 Waived

For more information please see the full Co- Curricular Code (Athletic/Club Participation)



Please be sure that any injuries occurring in class or other supervised locations are reported to the teacher in charge and to the administration. An accident report form must be filed. Notice of injury is mandatory. The nurse will be in her office at posted times. Any ill or injured student should report to the attendance office where a nurse or other personnel can assist him/her and if necessary contact parents. Do not leave without contacting the office and do not miss class due to illness or injury without reporting to the attendance office. No medication may be given to students by staff with the exception of those medications registered with the assistant principals in the attendance office. Limited first aid is available and in emergencies the paramedics will be called.

A goal of Parker High School and Craig High School is to ensure the healthy environment for all students. Parents are asked to please notify the school office of any infectious or communicable disease that their student has or that causes them to seek treatment for their student. By notifying the school, action can be taken to prevent further spread of the infectious or communicable diseases in the school and reduce the chance of a student re-contracting the disease when he/she returns to school.



Appearance should reflect the purpose or activity for which the student is participating. Our day-to-day operation is that of an educational business. We request the students to present themselves in a manner that reflects this serious business. School sponsored activities may adjust this appearance as we establish special dress up days.
Clothing and jewelry promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or gangs will not be tolerated.

Also, clothing which has objectionable pictures, sexual meaning, or is otherwise offensive, is prohibited. Crop tops and short shorts are not allowed. Headgear (ie, hats, hoods, bandannas, etc) and jackets are not to be worn in the building and must be stored in a student’s assigned locker during the day. Chains are not allowed.

The school administration reserves the right to ask students to remedy the clothing or appearance that is considered distracting or inappropriate.


Students being transported are reminded that they are to conduct themselves in a lawful and orderly manner at all times. Students violating bus regulations are subject to disciplinary action.


Decisions about whether to delay school are made in coordination amongst the Manager of Purchasing and Transportation and both the Janesville Transit System and the Van Galder Bus Company. Information about the passage of city streets, safety of rural students and information from the county highway department and city street department is also considered. The final decision to delay school rests with Superintendent.

Campus Messenger will serve as our primary means of notification. We urge you to keep your contact information updated. WCLO and additional radio and TV stations will be contacted regarding school closings or delays. Closing and delay information will be posted no later than 6:00 a.m. In order to keep district lines open for general operations we suggest parents not call the district for closing information.



Students are expected to abide by any and all established codes of conduct, board policies, and conduct/behavior as outlined by the student handbook and as stated in rules established by building principals for each school.
All students are considered important to establishing and maintaining a safe and educationally conducive environment. When it becomes necessary to investigate student misconduct, students have a duty to cooperate and answer questions truthfully and completely. Students who lie, are uncooperative, and/or evasive will be subject to disciplinary action up to and/or including a recommendation for expulsion.


Behavior that disrupts the learning environment should not occur and will be dealt with immediately. A student may be removed from class for conduct or behavior which:

  • Violates the District’s policies regarding suspension or expulsion.
  • Violates the behavioral rules and expectations set forth in the student handbook.
  • Is disruptive, dangerous or unruly
  • Interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach and/or student learning in the classroom

Removal from class refers to a daily removal with option to return or permanent removal with placement into an alternative setting, such as, study hall or resource room.


When a student engages in conduct which results in the assignment of a detention, the detention should be served on the same day it is assigned unless a prior agreement has been made with a parent/guardian.  Skipped detentions may be doubled.  Repeatedly skipping detention may result with assignment of ISS.


Emergency Drills / Evacuation Location

Fire drills are held at least once a month. We are able to evacuate the building in less than 2 minutes during these drills. Disaster drills (tornado) are held in the fall and spring and classes are assigned a safe place in the basement of the school. “Lockdown” drills are also scheduled twice during the year.


Guidance & Counseling

Guidance and counseling services are available to every student.  Students wishing to talk with a counselor should sign up in the guidance office sometime during the day (before school, after lunch, after school, or between classes.)  Parents are also encouraged to visit the guidance personnel if they wish information concerning their child’s progress in school.  An appointment is advisable prior to the visit to assure the availability of the counselor or teacher.  Phone conferences are also welcomed.


Homework Assistance / Make-up Work


Teachers will be available until 3:45pm on most school days for homework assistance.

Make-up Work

It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers to make-up work missed during an absence from school.  Teachers will grant the number of days absent plus one for make-up time.  This provision applies to all work assigned during absences.  It is the responsibility of the student to turn make-up work in to the teacher.  Parents contacting the school for student make-up work will need to allow 24 hours before they pick it up in the Main Office between 3:20 – 4:00 p.m.


Lost & Found

It is recommended that student names be placed on as many personal articles as possible.  Check with your child’s school with questions regarding lost and found.


Non-Permitted Items and Behaviors

  • Stores and other business establishments are “off limits” during the school day.  The “grates” on school property are “off limits” at all times.  Motor vehicles are “off limits” during the school day unless leaving or returning to the campus with a parent.
  • Students are not allowed to hold hands, touch affectionately, hug, or kiss on school grounds.
  • Rollerblades are not allowed to be used on school property.  Students owning shoes with wheel capability may not use the wheels anywhere on school grounds - inside or outside.
  • Skateboards, scooters, longboards and hoverboards are not allowed to be ridden on school district property.
  • Throwing snowballs or ice on school grounds is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Per School Board Policy 5467, a “gang” as defined by this policy, is a group of two (2) or more individuals with a unique name, attire, identifiable marks or symbols who associate on a regular basis and who engage in anti-social or criminal activity.
  • Engaging in offensive, obscene or abusive language or behaving in a boisterous, noisy or disruptive manner is prohibited at all times.  Such behavior may be referred to the police.

 School Dances

All school rules apply to on and off campus dances. Students who wish to bring a non-High School guest must complete a request form and submit it to the Assistant Principal’s Office for prior approval. Attire must conform to school dress regulations. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all dances. Once students leave, they cannot return. Dances will end no later than 11:30 p.m. School staff and designated parent supervisors will be present at all dances with authority to discipline when necessary. Classes or organizations sponsoring a dance or party must have chaperones assigned one week prior to the activity. Failure to comply will result in the activity being canceled



Physical Education

Students are issued a lock by the school for P.E.  It is very important that students be careful with personal belongings in the locker room and lock the locker.  Loss of the school-issued lock will result with a replacement fee.  Students should stay with the assigned locker and not move to a friend’s locker.  Sharing a hall locker with a friend is prohibited.  The school district assumes no responsibility for articles missing from lockers or the locker room.  Lockers are the property of the School District of Janesville and may be searched by school administrators at any time.  (Board Policy 5231.1)



Student Illness / Injury / Medication

“In LOCO Parentis”

During the time that a student is at school, the law demands that school personnel assume responsibility for the student in the absence of the parent/guardian.


School personnel may not give any type of medication, including aspirin, without a written note from the parents.  Any prescription medication a child is to be given while at school must have a written doctor’s order on file in the school attendance office in addition to the parental consent form.  All medication must be stored in the attendance office in the original prescription bottle or package; this includes aspirin.  Students requiring asthma inhalers may carry these medications on their person; however, for safety reasons, the school nurse should be made aware of the medical condition.


Substitute Teachers

A substitute teacher is an important visitor whose impressions of our school are carried into the community.  Students are expected to be polite, helpful and considerate.  Uncooperative students should expect to receive disciplinary consequences from their regular classroom teacher.


Visitors / Chaperone (including lunch and classroom visits)


The experience of watching your child interact with others in a learning environment is something we encourage. We also know that when parents visit the classroom they give a child a feeling of cooperation between parents and teachers.  Parents are requested to contact the building principal in advance to seek approval to schedule a classroom visit.  All visitors must sign i with the school office and were a visible visitor's Badge during their stay.

For safety reasons, visitors who are participating in classroom activities or chaperones on field trips, etc. must complete a volunteer form for approval. Approval is good for the current school year, with a background check each following year.  Approved visitors must stop into the office to sign in and receive a visitor's badge.   

The final decision to accept or deny a visitor to the school, a classroom or on a field trip rests with the designated building or district administrator. 

Parents wishing to have lunch with their children must sign in with the school office and wear a visible visitor's badge during their stay, proceed directly to the lunch area, and sign out in the office after the lunch period.

Student visitors are allowed only with prior district approval, and teacher and principal permission.

For additional information on visiting or volunteering at your child's school, please refer to Board Policy 1230 and Administrative Regulation 1230.1 - Volunteers in Schools; Board Policy 1240 and Administrative Regulation 1241.1 - Visitors to Schools; and Board Policy 1241 and Administrative Regulation 1241.1 Registered Sex Offenders. The school District of Janesville recognizes its responsibility for the health and safety of all students and will take appropriate precautionary measures in situations where the DIstrict has been notified that a registered sex offender wishes to visit a school building or persons on school premises. 

For a volunteer/visitor form please visit our Community Page 

Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines

Thank you so much for volunteering to chaperone for Wilson Elementary School field trip. Please read and follow the guidelines below to help ensure a safe and successful experience.

  • If you find out that you cannot be a chaperone, please contact the teacher immediately so other arrangements can be made.
  • Stay alert to the whereabouts / activities of your group.  "Count heads" FREQUENTLY.
  • Avoid being distracted by conversations with other adults
  • Remember that you are setting an example for the children, so please be respectful to the visited area and enforce school rules
  • Follow the directions of the teacher in charge
  • Refrain from drinking, smoking, bringing weapons or using profane language during the field trip. 
  • Verbally correct students in a calm manner who are not following the rules (Please walk,. Please do not talk during the performance, etc.) If the behavior continues, advise the classroom teacher of the problem.
  • Follow the bs rules
  • Wear appropriate attire. Be sure all slogans on clothing and hats are suitable for the elementary school environment.  (NO adds for liquor, smoking materials or inappropriate language.)
  • Smoking at a school activity is prohibited by law
  • For safety reasons and due to liability concerns, no siblings or other children will be allowed to accompany a chaperone.
  • Supervise public bathrooms very carefully
  • Because this is a school sponsored trip, all students must stay with their assigned group and chaperone.
  • If possible please bring a cell phone with you for emergencies. Please provide that number to your child's teacher prior to the trip.


Please see the District Handbooks for more information